Before and after I understood and learned about Asperger’s.

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This is a picture of Fionn aged 3, we leave hanging in the hall….its a reminder of how confused and out of his depth he was. He was LOST…all around him was unnatural to him…This is Fionn half way through his Nursery year – in the Christmas Play.

At home:

  • Fionn had a great vocabulary and a very polite private school delivery!
  • was a happy wee boy with his immediate family and a few close friends.
  • Cousins aunts and uncles in the house would throw his confidence.
  • He would call me from the door “Helen I need you”..yet he wouldn’t come in.
  • Yet he hugged us, hugged my parents…
  • When my younger nephew was standing between Fionn and the DVD he wanted on, Fionn would swipe him aside…yet when i would take Fionn offside, he was SO upset, as he didn’t genuinely see what else he could have done.
  • People…

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