EXAMS….TESTS….i hate the words!

Oh so familiar. Hang in there, Fionn



i know i did a post on revision a week or two ago.
i know i am doing my work and everything but i HATE the words EXAMS and TESTS.

i KNOW there is a REASON for tests. it is to show how much a pupil shows and understands. It would also show each pupil what they need to improve on. It also shows a teacher if she has taught it right.

but the words are HORRIBLE!

teachers at the minute don’t usually give homework but they do tell you to revise and they say things like “homework is to revise for your tests” i kinda go ughhhhhhhh!

my friends all probably get nervous too but they probably don’t need to keep revising all the year like me. Some of them say they haven’t even yet started revision. They say they will start it within the 20 minutes we get…

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