Please Help Me with Talk

Hi Everyone.  In a couple of weeks I am giving a talk to one of the leading clinical psychology programs in the United States, on “Autism and the Normalization Agenda.”  Very little of the material in this talk is original–most of you will be very familiar with these ideas.  My real goal is to bring the writings of autistic adults to the attention of these psychologists (who probably don’t even know that such writings exist).

My next two posts will be the first and second parts of the talk.  The first part is just general background–the second part is the one where I want to let autistic writers speak for themselves. (If I can figure out the technology, I hope to embed part of one of Amethyst Schraber’s videos in my powerpoint too.)

Any corrections or additions to either part will be very much appreciated.  Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Please Help Me with Talk

  1. Are people helping you with this yet or would you like me to re-blog it? I don’t get a lot of hits but it wouldn’t hurt to spread it around. A lot of good writers out there.

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