Back Again

I’ve been silent for a few months–the result of a cancer scare (thank goodness, it turned out to be benign), dear husband’s pneumonia, and various crises among the teens.

At some point I’ll get back to the posts I was doing about the nature of autism (when this turns into a book, those will be part of the introduction).  For now, though, I’m going to start writing about autistic people’s right to an education–specifically, here in the United States, a “free, appropriate, public education” (FAPE).  (There will be a separate chapter in the book on educational rights.)

I would be EXTREMELY grateful to any autistic adults/adults with autism who would be willing to share with me their educational experiences over the last few decades and their thoughts about education today.  When you were in school, were you taught academic material, or merely life skills?  How effectively were you taught?  How were you treated in school–by administrators, teachers, and fellow students?  How do you think children on the autism spectrum can best be taught?

4 thoughts on “Back Again

    1. Hi. I’m sorry–I didn’t see you comment until just now (I have a lot of trouble with WordPress settings . . .) I would LOVE to see your PDF book, if you are willing to share it. Thanks.

  1. I’m not from the US but the chance to go into Higher Education as an adult was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. Various aspects of it I found difficult, such as exams (I need to pace up and down and think out loud), and presentations, but on the whole most University tutors, and this was well before my diagnosis, were highly supportive and were the ones that made me believe in myself and see my potential.

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