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The Week That Was

Occasionally our family goes through periods of disaster, when bad things come at us so fast that we have no time to duck.  This has been one of those weeks.  And mostly for daughter A, who:

–totalled our (admittedly ancient) car, thereby developing a bad case of whiplash, which prevents her from exercising (main source of stress relief)

–didn’t make it onto the club soccer team she has played for for years (soccer IS her life–so life as she knows it is OVER)

–cracked her phone

–Had a fight with one of her best friends

–Discovered that she might be dyslexic (which you would think would be a relief to her, but instead has been interpreted, despite my best efforts, as “I must be stupid.”)

I cracked several of my own ribs a couple of weeks ago, which means both daughter A and I are out of the dog-walking business.  (A 60-pound labrador cannot be walked by the faint of heart).  So the poor pup isn’t getting enough exercise and is making up for it by barking constantly.

H (my husband) is trying to hold things together, but it’s getting to be too much for him.

Anyone want to buy a used life?