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The Bloody Cat in Exile

Alas, the poor cat.  Older daughter was recently hospitalized, so we took her dog into our house to care for until she was well enough to deal with him again.  The dog is a huge beast, of uncertain genetic heritage, and a total sweetheart.  Unfortunately, though, his idea of showing affection involves a lot of leaping around, barking, and wrestling, and our little feline is terrified of him.  So in the end we had to place her in a boarding kennel, for her own peace of mind.  Hoping to bring her home today, but Hobbes (the huge beast) is still with us, so we will have to find a way to keep her calm and the two of them apart for a little bit longer.


Conked Out

I’ve been out of commission for a while (sick), so no posts.  However, I’ve got several pieces in the works, so I hope to post more soon.